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Alexis Mitchell

Manager, Human Resources

Alexis joined Healthy Alliance because her number one principle in life is to give more than she takes. She believes there is an opportunity to be treated like a person, not a number, working closely with all levels of employees to form bonds and work together. Alexis simply wants to make the world a better place through both big and small acts of kindness. Alexis says working for Healthy Alliance allows her to see the value in what we add to other people’s lives within the community. Her passion is consistent with the company’s mission to empower people in their overall health, ensuring inclusion and equality for community-based support and care. Alexis has developed a unique perspective on recruitment, the importance of company culture, employer branding, diverse sourcing, and enhancing the applicant’s experience throughout her 15+ years as an HR professional leader. In her free time, she’s most passionate about her work with American Heart Association’s STEM Goes Red program, which empowers the next generation of female STEM/trade leaders to uncover their potential while learning about better health. Alexis is championed by her beautiful children, Ella and Elon, in aspiring to break barriers.

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