Katy Miller

Referral Navigator, Adirondacks

Katy joined Healthy Alliance because she believes in bridging the gaps between community members, local organizations, and the resources that are available. She values sowing seeds of social engagement in underserved pockets of communities to broaden equitable access to varieties of care, encouraging individuals to blossom as they are meant to. Katy has primarily worked in case management roles, directly supporting community members and establishing relationships with local organizations to fulfill ongoing needs. In her role as Referral Navigator, Katy is excited to identify community needs at a grassroots level and work with organizations to help expand the spectrum of services they can provide. Katy has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Rutgers University and lives in the Adirondacks with her partner, bearded dragons, and their dog, Dax. She enjoys gardening, developing vegan recipes, and immersing herself in Mother Nature.

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