Lisa McHugh

Referral Navigator, Specialty Services

Lisa joined Healthy Alliance because she believes in the holistic approach of health and wellness. In her view, overall health includes physical, emotional, as well as spiritual wellness, and no one can achieve true health and wellness without the essentials of food, basic health care, and adequate, safe shelter. When people in need are introduced and connected to the right community resources, they then can be successful in achieving health and wellness, thus improving their lives immeasurably. Lisa firmly believes and is truly excited that Healthy Alliance makes this introduction possible and actively makes these connections for our neighbors. Lisa has over 30 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, and she has seen firsthand the tremendous value in helping people make these connections and gain knowledge and support to improve their health. Prior to joining Healthy Alliance, Lisa worked in Albany Medical Center’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and then for Eddy Home Care providing support for patients on ventilators and infusion treatment. She has also worked at the Schenectady County ARC as a case manager for clients with intellectual and development disabilities before being elevated to the Director of Nursing. Most recently, Lisa worked within Ellis Medical Group as a Population Health Clinical Coordinator and HEDIS chart reviewer. When she is not talking with clients, Lisa enjoys practicing Reiki, gardening, painting, reading, and caring for her family.

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